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For Your Convenience
You’ve spent an entire lifetime working hard, taking care of your family, going the extra mile whenever you could. Now, enjoy your time without worrying about having to manage a house. We’ve got you covered.
HousekeepingOur well-trained housekeeping staff ensures that your home stays spick and span at all times.
MaintenanceFrom leaky pipes to electrical work that needs to be done we have people in-house to take care of that for you.
Restaurant Style DiningOur chefs cook up a nutritious fresh meal every day and if there’s something special you’d like, they can always customise it for you.
LaundromatDon’t worry about having to wash your clothes every day, our laundromat services takes the laundry load off you.
For your health and wellbeing
As you grow older you have specific health and medical needs that have to be taken care of. From ensuring that you take your medicines on time to monitoring your health vitals we have a host of services that have been designed keeping your health in mind.
24 × 7 Care No matter what your medical need is we are equipped to handle it round the clock.
24 × 7 Nursing StaffOur well-trained nursing staff are available all through the week and at any time of the day to help you out.
Vitals MonitoringDo you need to regularly monitor your blood sugar or pressure levels? Our staff in-house can do that and keep track of it for you.
Electronic Health RecordWe maintain an electronic health record of all our residents and ensure that it’s up to date after each check-up.
Doctor on call Think you need to see a doctor because you feel ill? Worry not, our doctor on call is available to check up on you.
PhysiotherapyDo you have a stiff back? Pulled a muscle while exercising? We have a physiotherapist who can take care of you.
Emergency callEvery apartment comes equipped with an emergency call system that helps you reach out to us in case of an emergency.
Pharmacy ServiceYou don’t have to go too far to buy your medicines, all you’ve to do is give our pharmacy a call and they will have it delivered to you.
Ambulance ServiceWe’ve got an ambulance on stand-by 24X7 in case of any emergency.
Planned Activities
We have a series of planned activities that have been carefully selected to enrich our residents’ mind and keep them engaged and entertained.
Life EnrichmentOur residents can choose from an array of educational classes, social and cultural outings, games, special entertainment on festivals and much more.
FitnessGet a customised fitness routine and train under experts to stay fit and healthy.
Vocational activities From singing to gardening or painting, our residents can pick up vocational activities that they can engage in.
Concierge Services
No matter what the errands, big or small let our concierge service take care of it for you.
Travel Desk Want to book tickets to visit your friends or family? Head to our travel desk and let our staff help you out.
Bill PaymentsWhy run around trying to figure out your bill payments. Just get in touch with our concierge desk and they will assign someone to do it for you.
Banking & FinancialTake care of your daily banking and financial needs with the help of our staff.
Personal ErrandsBe it picking up groceries or maybe posting a letter, get in touch with our staff and they will do it for you.
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